About Selous River Camp

Selous River Camp is nestled within woodland overlooking the magnificent Rufiji River on the border of the vast Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

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Safari Chef Chipsi

Head Chef Dundo (a.k.a Chipsi)

Maasai watchman - Selous River Camp

Paulo - Maasai Watchman

About Us

Selous River Camp's location is both beautiful and practical - situated right along the border of the Selous, the views of the river are stunning, wildlife wander out of the reserve to visit the camp freely and visitors save on game reserve fees (only paying them when they enter the reserve for safaris).

The camp itself is down-to-earth and comfortable, the atmosphere is intimate and friendly and the service personal and professional. There is a choice of accommodation - nine "mudhut" style chalets, spread along the river bank; or further back in the forest, four basic camping tents. Selous River Camp also offers safari activities - from exploring the reserve on game drives in open-sided 4x4 safari vehicles, to boat cruises up the Rufiji river and walking safaris.

The camp is built using as many locally-sourced, sustainable materials as possible and blends into the natural environment, minimising disturbance to wildlife and their habitats. Supporting the local community is a key principle, and in addition to donating to and being involved in development projects in the local village of Mloka, an in-camp training program means that many of the team came to the camp unskilled - the head chef worked at a chipsi mayai (chips and egg - a local street food) stall before joining the team, and now creates anything from lasagne with homemade pasta to lemon meringue pie!

The founders of the camp, Kenny and Katie Woolfrey met in school in Tanzania when they were 17 and have been inseparable ever since. Kenny, a professional Wildlife Guide, was born in Tanzania and has had a life-long passion for the wilderness. Katie, moved to Tanzania from England at the age of 14 and has been devoted to wildlife as long as she can remember. When Kenny graduated from Mweka College of African Wildlife Management in 2004, he and Katie were only 19 years old, but determined to live in the wild and so decided to build a safari camp from scratch.

As they didn't have any money to develop the naked bushland, Selous River Camp started out as a basic campsite. By reinvesting money that guests to the camp paid, working with locally-sourced materials and some very talented and hard-working locals, the camp was able to grow organically to become the unique and magical place that it is today.

In 2013, as the camp flourished, Kenny and Katie expanded their management team to maintain the style and standards which Selous River Camp had become known for. In June 2016 they welcomed Jimmy Mawani to the team as camp manager. Jimmy has worked in the bush his entire working life and his enthusiasm, friendly nature and wide-ranging expertise make him an entertaining and dedicated host.

Working alongside Jimmy are a team of 25 staff including professional and passionate guides, skilled bush-road drivers and boat men (and their mechanic), hardworking chefs, friendly waiters and bar staff, fastidious housekeepers and maasai warrior watchmen.

We're exceptionally proud of our our dedicated team who often work under challenging circumstances (ask the kitchen staff about hiding fruits from elephants!). We know from experience that they will do their utmost to make your experience in the Selous completely unforgettable and we look forward to welcoming you to the camp!

Selous River Camp taken by Richard Allenby-Pratt Selous River Camp Guides

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