The Campsite - Camping With Your Own Tent

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The campsite at Selous River Camp is situated behind the main camp area, in the woodland.

Please note that wildlife does visit the campsite! (Commonly: elephants, blue monkeys, angola black & white colobus monkeys, yellow baboons, bushbucks, elephant shrews, zanj sun squirrel, red bush squirrel, red duikers, monitor lizards, suni, bush babies, banded mongoose, slender mongoose, genets, civets and bushpigs.)

Thatched seating area.
Two bathrooms with european-style flush toilets and hot water showers. Firewood provided by our watchmen free of charge.
Meals from the dining area can be arranged in advance.

Camping is $10 per person.

Selous River Camp View at Sunset

Giant Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew
(A common visitor to the Selous River Camp campsite)

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