Cutural Tours to Mloka Village

The Selous safari is a very authentic experience - it isn't over-commercialised - and our cultural tour reflects that too. Our village visits are laid back, honest and unstructured. You can choose where to go and when.

Mloka village is situated down river from Selous River Camp, only a short drive by car. Home to many of our camp staff, a tour here is a very personal experience and the focus is on meeting locals, learning about their day-to-day lives, and visiting places like the primary school, market and police post.

The tour is as long or as short as you would like, can take place during any time of the day (although we recommend the cooler hours of the morning and late afternoon) and you can either stay in the car and see the village by driving around, or stretch your legs and walk around the village. Local artists, tailors and shopkeepers are always happy to be visited and the children are always very keen to say hello!


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